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Rheumatology Clinic

Contact Us:

2G Clinic, McMaster Children's Hospital

Phone: (905) 521-2100, ext. 78517 (clinic).

Fax: (905) 521-5056

Conditions We Treat:

Our team provides comprehensive diagnostic services and management for children with acute and chronic Pediatric Rheumatic Diseases, including Arthritis, Dermatomyositis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Vasculitis, Scleroderma, Inflammatory Brain Diseases, and Autoinflammatory Diseases.

Clinic Location:

The hospital is located at 1200 Main St. W., Hamilton, ON, L8N 3Z5.

2G Clinic, McMaster Children's Hospital 2nd floor red (behind information desk)

Hospital Map

What Happens When We Arrive?

When you arrive to the clinic please check in with the Business clerk at the reception desk. The business clerk will let the team know that you have arrived.

Staff will do their best to make sure you are seen at your appointment time.  If you feel you have been waiting a long time please speak with a business clerk at the reception desk. 

Referral Process:

Referrals should be faxed directly to the clinic at 905-521-5056.

Urgent Referrals:

Referring physicians should contact the consultant physicians directly in the event of an urgent referral at 905-521-2100 ext. 75382.

Clinic Hours:

Monday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. , 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Wednesday 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Friday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

Changing Your Appointment:

Please contact the 2G clinic at 905-521-2100 ext. 78517 as soon as possible, if you need to change or cancel your child's appointment


If the patient is ill with any antibiotic resistant organism, MRSA, a communicable disease (such as chicken pox) or a respiratory infection, please call prior to your visit to notify the clinic.

What Should You Bring to the Clinic?

  • Shorts for the child to change into in order to assist the examination process.

  • Health Card for your child - the Ministry of Health requires us to validate your health card at every visit.

  • Any x-rays, letters, or bloodwork

  • Any notes or questions that you may have

  • Information on any prescribed medications

  • Immunization record (Yellow card)

Interdisciplinary Team:

Pediatric Rheumatologist - Dr. Michelle Batthish

Pediatric Rheumatologist - Dr. Tania Cellucci

Adult Rheumatologist - Dr. Maggie Larché

Adult Rheumatologist - Dr. Mark Matsos

Nurse - Debbie Poppa

Physiotherapist - Julie Herrington (Arthritis Society), Jennifer Zuccolo

Dietician - Rachel Freeman

Child Life Specialist - Heather McKean

Social Worker - Jennifer Thomas

Our team also includes: 

Clinic Nurse:

A registered nurse provides nursing care and teaching, and co-ordinates your care including scheduled tests and procedures.

Social Worker:

The social worker can help you cope with illness and being in the hospital, through counselling, support groups, access to financial help and referrals for other services.

Child Life Specialist: Child Life Specialists work with our younger patients, as well as with children and teens who are having a difficult time coping with their illness.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is family-centered care. We strive to provide the best care possible.

Resources For Patients and Families

Helping Hands: Self Management Guide for Patients with JIA

Teens Taking Charge


Hamilton Health Sciences • Hamilton, Ontario • 905.521.2100

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