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Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre Art Collection

The theme for the new Centre is rooted in the statement, ‘My Health Centre is a place where I can be my Best Self”.

The Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre features 40 unique works of art created by both local artists and artists across Canada. The artwork, made possible through donor funding, supports one of the main values, that surroundings such as space, light, textures and views affect our emotional well-being. This is very important in a centre such as this, where children, youth, patients and their families often return for multiple visits, in some cases through their lifetime.

Art plays a big part in well-being. It has been proven that art has a strong, positive emotional effect on the brain and how we feel. Art can be healing by creating a calming effect and reducing stress. It offers a bright and positive impact as well as a chance for education. Most of the art is in public spaces, that children, patients, families and visitors can easily view.

The art embraces many different types forms such as:

  • a wood sculpture
  • graphic art created from drawings done by children and staff
  • photographs of the Centre as it was being built
  • a city made of Lego
  • acrylic and oil paintings
  • papier-mâché mask
  • painted skateboards
  • a glass-blown terrarium with felted objects

At the core of the building is the signature art feature by Toronto firm Moss & Lam, called Why? Because. This four-storey feature runs down from the ceiling, as if it were the sky, displaying hanging crystal-like shapes and constellations such as stars, moons and animals. They are copied from the myths and stories of many cultures.


The RJCHC Art Committee was formed in 2014, with the purpose of ensuring the development and purchase of an art collection that expresses, supports and celebrates the design theme. The City of Hamilton is recognized as a vibrant artistic community and Centre allows an opportunity to add to the importance of art in community life, to improve the public experience and understanding of art.

The aim of the Art Advisory Committee is to continue to develop and expand a full art program making sure the goals, objectives and guidelines for the RJCHC Art Program are in keeping with the design theme.

The RJCHC Art Committee is made up of Hamilton Health Sciences’ staff, community members, a parent representative and members of the Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation. The committee works closely with representatives from the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

How to Donate?

The art at the Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre is an evolving collection. We seek to increase our art collection with donor support. Throughout the Centre there are locations that offer an opportunity for additional art works.

If you are interested in making a donation, we have developed a list of art pieces that we hope to add to our collection. Interested donors can choose to purchase a specific piece or make a donation of any amount to help with a purchase.

Interested in dontating?  View the Art Collection Brochure and RJCHC Wish List of Art Pieces 
If you would like to discuss how you can get involved, please contact:
Marsha Newby l (905) 521-2100 ext. 77540



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