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Why Use Helmets?

Everyone needs to take steps to protect themselves from injury. Injuries are predictable and preventable. Wearing a helmet reduces the risk and severity of head injury. Prevention is the only cure.

Why use helmets:

  • 88% of brain injuries can be prevented by wearing a properly fitted helmet.
  • They absorb impact and minimize violent movement of the brain within the skull.
  • They distribute impact over a larger area, reducing the chance of a skull fracture.
  • They provide protection from the sun, reducing risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration.


  • Be a role model and always wear your helmet.
  • Children and adults need the same head protection.
  • Have your child wear a helmet every time they ride.
  • Fit your helmet every time you put it on (2V1).
  • Replace damaged bicycle helmets. They are designed for a single impact.
  • The law in Ontario requires all cyclists under 18 years of age to wear a bicycle helmet.
  • Protect your brain. Put a lid on it!

Replace your helmet:

  • After a crash.
  • If there are signs of damage.
  • If it is more than 5 years old.
  • If the outside is foam or cloth instead of plastic.
  • If it lacks a certified sticker inside (e.g. CPSC, ASTM or Snell).
  • If it can not be adjusted to fit correctly.
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