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Diabetes Mellitus
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Type 1 Diabetes

Clinic Overview:

The 2G Pediatric Diabetes Clinic Team provides care to children with diabetes and their families.

We welcome:

  • All children and youth up to 18

  • Children who have just learned they have diabetes and those who have had diabetes for many years

We provide family- centered care. This means the care we provide reflects what matters most to our patients and their families.

At the clinic:

  • Your child and family will work closely with a team of health care providers

  • We work together to make a plan for your child’s health and care

  • We will help your child and family learn about diabetes and how to live well

Our clinic is also involved in research and outreach visits to community hospitals. We are part of the Ontario Network of Pediatric Diabetes Programs.

Contact Us:

2G clinic

Phone: 905-521-2100 ext. 78517

Changing Your Appointment:

If you need to change or cancel your child’s appointment please contact us as soon as possible.

Find Us:

2G Clinic, McMaster Children’s Hospital

Red Section, beside the information desk at main entrance of hospital

Hospital Map

Clinic Hours:

8:30am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday, closed on holidays

What Happens When We Arrive?

When you arrive to the clinic please check in with the Business clerk at the reception desk. The business clerk will let the team know that you have arrived.

Please Note:

If the patient is ill with any antibiotic resistant organism, MRSA, a communicable disease (such as chicken pox), or respiratory infection, please notify the staff at the reception desk upon arriving at the clinic as the child will be directed to a location other than the main waiting room

What Should You Bring To The Clinic:

  • Your child's health card

  • Your child’s blood glucose meter

  • Your child’s log book 

  •  List and dosage of any medications your child takes

  • Any forms you need signed by the physician

Interdisciplinary Team:

Pediatric Endocrinologist:

  • Answers your questions about your child’s diabetes

  • Provides advice for your child’s insulin therapy

  • Helps prevent, detect, and manage health concerns that are related to diabetes

Nurse Practitioner:

In consultation with the pediatric endocrinologist:

  • Answers your questions about your child’s diabetes

  • Provides advice for your child’s insulin therapy

  • Helps prevent, detect and manage health concerns that are related to diabetes

  • Helps you, your child and other caregivers learn how to manage diabetes

  • Supports you and your child to manage your child’s diabetes at your clinic visits and over the phone

Registered Nurse:

  • Helps you, your child (and any care givers you would like to include) learn how to manage diabetes

  • Gives you support to manage your child’s diabetes, at your clinic visits and over the phone.

  • Teaches your child in a way that matches his or her age and stage of development.

Registered Dietician:

  • Helps you and your child understand the relationship between food and blood sugars

  • Helps you learn about a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating

  • Helps you and your child plan meals that include favourite foods

Social Worker:

  • Provides counselling and therapy to your child or family when facing a crisis, mental health, or relationship problem

  • Helps your child and your family develop healthy coping skills

  • Helps your family find solutions to day to day diabetes concerns and improve communication

  • Connects your child and family with helpful community resources

  • Helps your family find ways to manage the costs of diabetes

Child Life Specialist:

  • Helps you, your child, and family adjust to life with diabetes

  • Helps your child understand diabetes and cope with treatment through medical play

  • Provides ways for your child to safely express his or her feelings through play.

  • Helps your child overcome challenges they may face as they develop and grow.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is family-centered care. We strive to provide the best care possible


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