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Interdisciplinary Team

We have a large multidisciplinary team who have a lot of experience working with teenagers and their families.  We also have students and doctors in training who work with us under supervision.


The therapist team includes a psychiatrist, psychologists, and social workers. They work with the rest of the team to understand and treat eating disorders. Each therapist has extensive experience in the treatment of eating disorders and a unique set of skills.  All therapists provide a combination of family and individual counseling and work with both in-patients and out-patients.

Inpatient Nurses

Our nurses work with in-patients to make sure that medical, nutritional and emotional needs are addressed.  These nurses are the communication bridge to the rest of the team. They will organize and supervise most of the meals and activities. They will assist in normalizing eating and  modeling  the pro-social aspects of eating. The Registered Nurses provide education and support to patients, parents and families to prepare them for their child's discharge from hospital.

Nurse Practitioner

The Nurse Practitioner (NP) is an advanced practice nurse who works with the members of your health care team. They are able to diagnose medical problems, order treatments and prescribe medications. The NP may provide medical and psychiatric assessment and follow up to children and adolescents in the inpatient, outpatient and Day Hospital settings.

Child Life Specialists 

The Child Life Specialist can help teens and their family members adjust to being in the hospital.  They provide group programming support for the inpatient and day hospital and work with teens to find ways to focus on something else other than their difficult thoughts

Teachers (for in-patients only)

Teachers are available to help you, once your pediatrician feels that you are well enough to do school work.  When permitted, you will be able to go to the classroom each morning.

The teacher will talk with your community teachers to make sure that you keep up in school and make a smooth transition back to school after discharge.

Volunteers (for inpatients only)

Volunteers may provide activities. They can let you know about social activities on the ward that you may take part in or help you get supplies for crafts.
We try to choose volunteers who have interesting skills to teach, such as knitting or art. Let us know your interests.

Medical and Allied Health Students and Residents

McMaster Children's Hospital is a "teaching hospital". Students who are learning to become doctors, nurses and other professionals are part of the health care team. Residents who are doctors learning to specialize in a particular field may also be part of the team.  All students and residents are closely supervised.  

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

The psychiatrist is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of children and teens with Eating Disorders. The psychiatrist can also identify other mental health problems that you may be experiencing such as depression or anxiety. The psychiatrist will meet with you and your family to understand your experience and to make recommendations for medication when appropriate.

Registered Dietitian

The Dietitian specializes in nutrition and will meet with teens and their families during hospital stays.  The Dietitian will provide direct meal support for in-patients.   She is available to provide teaching about nutrition and health for adolescents.

Adolescent Medicine Pediatricians

Currently, we have 3 pediatricians who specialize in Adolescent Medicine and Eating Disorders.  These pediatricians specialize in working with and understanding the health needs of teenagers. They are also experts in the diagnosis and treatment of eating problems in children and adolescent. The pediatricians follow patients in the out-patient and in-patient settings. 

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