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About Booster Seats

Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in children in Canada aged 1 to 14. Children experience the greatest risk of severe injury due to their use of seat belts. Booster seats help to protect children ages 4 through 10 from injury in a crash. Current Transport Canada data from the 2010 national survey indicates that the correct use of child safety seats has improved nationally. However, school-aged children (ages 4 to 8) were found to have the lowest rate of correct use of child safety seats at about 40 per cent. This age group of Canadian children continues to face the greatest risk of injury in vehicles due to the low rate of booster seat use.

Booster seats are required for all Ontario children until 8 years of age OR who weight 40-80 lbs, OR stand less than 4'9" tall.

Information provided by Safe Kids Canada

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