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Getting ready

Getting Ready for an Operation 

At the hospital we help prepare boys and girls for an operation.  Prepare means to get ready.  The Child Life Specialist is the person who helps you understand what will happen.  They will show you pictures of other kids getting ready to go to the operating room.  They will talk about why you are having an operation and may use a doll to help you understand what you will see before, during and after the operation. 

An operation means that the doctor will be looking inside your body to see what is making you feel sick.  You will be a sleep for the operation.  This is a different kind of sleep then at home.  You will not hear, see or feel anything while you are sleeping.  The sleep medicine doctor is called an anesthesiologist. Sometimes your mom or dad can come into the operating room with you until you fall asleep. 

Getting Ready for a Test 

Sometimes boys and girls come to the hospital for a special test.  The Child Life Specialist is the person who helps you understand what will happen.  

To learn more about an operation or test you are having please ask your child life specialist or nurse.

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