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While you are here

Play Area

The hospital play area is a safe and fun place.  It has many different play centres, like arts and crafts, toys, board games, puzzles and many more things to do.  The play area also has an aquarium with lots of fish.  If you come to visit the doctor for a checkup, you can visit the 2Q or 3F play room, which also has many arts and crafts and games. 


The Lounge is located between the two pediatric wards 3B and 3C.  It has many tables and chairs to sit and visit with others and participate in activities, like board games, crafts and movies or foozball with other patients.  There is also a piano and an aquarium.

We have entertainers in the lounge from musicians to magicians.  Every Thursday morning is "Fun Club" when special visitors like the Shriners Clowns and Home Depot come to visit.  On Wednesday mornings volunteer Murray can make you a stencil of your favourite cartoon character. 

Activities for Patients

We have televisions,  DVDs,  Ninetendo DS, Playstation, Game Cube, Wii, XBox and Upopolis laptops that you can use.  Board games, cards, books, magazines and craft supplies are also at the hospital for you to use.


Special hospital helpers wear green vests.  Sometimes they may give your mom or dad a break and spend time playing with you so you are not alone.  They can also bring you things, like games to your room to keep you busy.  Sometimes you may see a volunteer cuddle a baby or may see them in the play area tidying up. 


At the hospital there is a schoolroom.  There are two teachers (elementary and high school) who will help you keep up with your schoolwork when you are here for a long time.  The hospital teachers will call your own teacher and help you do the same work as the rest of your friends in your class, so that you don't fall behind in your school work.  Sometimes the teacher comes to your room if you cannot leave the room and at other times you can join all the other kids in the school room.

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