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Coming to the Hospital 

What to bring 

When you come to the hospital to stay overnight you can bring your own pajamas and slippers.  Sometimes you may need to wear a hospital gown, which is like a backwards long jacket that closes in the back.  You may also bring some of your regular clothes.   

Some boys and girls bring their favourite stuffed animal or favourite toy or activity, even their special blanket.  You may also bring a picture of your family or pet for your room. 

Who you will see 

At the hospital there is a team of people to help take care of you.  Some of the people are doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, child life specialists, social workers, pharmacists and many more.  Your doctor may visit you with a group of people learning to be doctors.

There are other children that you will see at the hospital, some are babies, some may be bigger or smaller than you, and the oldest kids you will see may be 18 years old. 

Sibling Visits 

Siblings mean your brothers and sisters.  There are special times for your brothers and sisters to come and visit you.  Child life specialists may spend time with your brothers and sisters to help them understand why you are in the hospital.

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