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Documentation required for Transported Infants

1.     Antenatals I and II (please ensure that photocopied notes are legible)

2.     Delivery record and resuscitation notes including  instrumentation use at delivery

3.     All MD notes for entire neonatal course including MD's orders

4.     Medication profile including  Vit K and Erythromicin dose and times

5.     Relevant Nursing Notes:

        Newborn screening

                  Hearing screen

                  Documentation of events related to transport request

                  Feeding history

                  Respiratory history: intubation attempts, ventilation modes and extubations, O2 use 

                  Any neurological or cardiovascular changes/events

                  Vital signs/nursing notes for 24h prior to transport

                  Fluid balance sheets including voiding and stooling patterns

     6. Respiratory Therapy notes

     7. All lab work

     8. Placenta, if available should be set aside for us

     9. Discharge summary from the sending physician

     10. Relevant family contact information and needs                                                       

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