First Wheels, First Helmet Toolkit

Helmets are an important piece of safety equipment in early learning settings. Helmets are recommended for use with wheeled ride-on activities in daycare, kindergarten and drop-in programs.

Toolkit purpose:

To provide early learning settings with electronic and physical resources that will support helmet use.

 Brain injury facts:

  • Head injuries are the leading cause of serious injury and death in children.
  • The brain of a child is more easily injured than the adult brain and takes longer to recover.
  • A fall from as little as two feet can result in a skull fracture or brain injury.
  • In Hamilton, 47% of emergency room visits for 0-4 year olds are due to falls.
  • The only cure for a brain injury is prevention.
  • Helmets work:

  • Reduce brain injury by 88%.
  • Reduce head injury by 85%.
  • Prevent bike related deaths in children by 75%.
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