Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre



The Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre is a new experience for children, youth, families and the adults that we serve. Programs and healthcare teams are located in one building, allowing everyone to work together to provide the best care possible. This four storey outpatient centre is the first of its kind in Canada. We offer a range of services to children, youth and adults in the region, many of whom are dealing with life-long health issues.  

The Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre is home to:

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Our location
We are located across from the Regional Rehabilitation Centre and the Hamilton General Hospital at:

325 Wellington Street North, Hamilton Ontario

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“Our team has worked diligently to ensure this is more than a building. This will be an environment in which children and youth will find a place to be the best they can be. It will transform care in our community.”
Dr. Peter Fitzgerald, President McMaster Children’s Hospital