Adolescent Clinic 

Contact Information

(905) 521-5095 or (905) 521-2100, ext. 75095

Fax your referral to (905) 570-8958

Location: 3F Clinic at McMaster University Medical Centre

What services do we provide?

The adolescent clinic sees 12 to 17 year old girls and boys for a variety of teen issues including family planning, sexual health, menstrual problems, emotional and behavioural problems and eating disorders. In addition, the adolescent clinic works closely with other pediatric subspecialty clinics to provide adolescent services to youth with chronic illness and disability. 

Depending on the age of the teen and the reason for referral, teens are often seen alone for at least part of the assessment. Of course, parents or guardians are always invited in for part of the consultation.

For more information on the Eating Disorders Program, click here.

Referral process 

Urgent referrals

The adolescent clinic is not able to respond to emergencies. If your teen needs to be seen urgently, please contact your family doctor or go to your local emergency department.  

Clinic hours

The clinic hours are Monday to Friday (closed on holidays) 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  

Changing your appointment 

Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to change your child's appointment or cancel the appointment. 

(905) 521-2100, ext: 75095


If your child has a communicable disease such as Chicken Pox or has been in contact with someone with Chicken Pox, please call the clinic before you come to the hospital. 

What should you bring to the clinic? 

Interdisciplinary team 

We have a large team with many different specialists who have a lot of experience working with teenagers.  Our team includes pediatricians, a psychiatrist, psychologists, social workers, nurses, dieticians, and a physiotherapist.   We also have students and doctors in training who work with us under supervision.

For a list of our team members and their roles on the team, click here.

Our philosophy 

McMaster Children's Hospital strives to provide family-centred care. In the adolescent clinic we recognize that some of the problems that teens experience may be best addressed without a parent or guardian present at all times. In our clinic teens are encouraged to discuss their health care openly with their parents. Parents are always invited into the consultation for at least part of the visit and at all times will be informed about safety issues affecting their child.


Information about a variety of issues facing teens and pre-teens is available in the adolescent medicine clinic. 

Additional pamphlets, books, and Internet resources are available in the clinic.  Please click here for a list of resources. 

Quality Control

Every six months we survey families to ask your perceptions of care.

If you have any concerns please contact Beth Morris, Clinical Manager.

(905) 521-2100 ext: 77671