Cleft Lip and Palate Team Services

Children with cleft lip and palate have needs that change as they grow and develop. The services of the team start at birth and are available until your child is 22 years old. The team sees your child on a regular basis and tries to anticipate his or her needs so that possible problems can be dealt with early or even prevented.

The cleft lip and palate program is divided into 3 age ranges:

 Birth to 2 Years

Individual appointments as needed:

2 to 6 Years

7 to 22 Years

The Velopharyngeal Inadequacy (VPI) Clinic

This is an additional clinic for children with resonance problems. This problem refers to the nasal tone of their speech. The VPI Clinic involves a speech and resonance assessment and may include specialized videofluoroscopy and nasendoscopy testing.

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